A simple and straightforward process.

All you’ll need is a smartphone, a comfortable chair, and a cup of tea. If you are organising this for a loved one, we will help you both through the process to make sure that everyone is comfortable and prepared.

Step 1.

Get in touch with us to go over the process and to set up the interview date.

Step 2.

Once the date is set, we will help you or your loved one get everything ready for the interview.

Step 3.

We will contact you, on your smartphone, at your nominated booking time to record your hour-long interview. Make sure you’ve got your cuppa ready and don’t be nervous! We will gently guide you to get the most out of our one-on-one conversation. And don’t worry about any blunders or stumbles as we can edit these out!

Step 4.

Once carefully edited, you will receive your audio recording, on a custom made USB memory stick, presented in a beautiful A Life Story gift box.