Your Personal Podcast.

Do you remember the life story of your grandparents? Where they were born? Where did they work? When did they fall in love? What about all the significant events in their lives? Chances are, many of those stories are already lost.

So, imagine if their grandkids and their kids could listen to you share your life story long after you are gone.

Through A Life Story, it’s now possible.

With our expertise and guiding hand, you can now digitally record the chapters of your life in an audio interview with one of our team, so that your story and the sound of your voice are not forgotten.

Like writing a memoir, you can start recording your life story at any age. In fact, it’s a great idea to start now before memories and stories fade. You might even decide to add extra chapters to your story later on.

It’s your story saved forever. What a great legacy to give your loved ones.

Who should create A Life Story?

You may feel an urgency to record your life story due to illness or you may want to simply start recording your memoir and family history. Our clients are varied. We have helped:

  • People facing life shortening illness.
  • People experiencing the early stages of memory loss.
  • People interested in genealogy.
  • People who want to leave a legacy.
  • People who want to share their story as a gift.

Many of our clients find their A Life Story experience cathartic and they enjoy the opportunity to reminisce.



Hear what people have to say.

“It was amazing for the family to be able to hear about Grandpa’s life, in his own words. He doesn’t usually speak about the war years and his immigration to Australia but he really opened up to the guys at A Life Story. And it’s something that we will have forever, even when he’s not with us anymore. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Andrew Baturo, Brisbane AU

“I’ve really enjoyed recording my own podcast. I’ve loved remembering back to times I hadn’t thought about in years, like my 21st birthday party and wedding day, it has really been a fun journey. And the guys at A Life Story have been very understanding and patient, going out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and nothing was too much of a hassle for them. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Joanne Kerrigan, Parkes AU